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Sustainable, handmade and high quality - these are our mosaics consisting of pebbles that are fished by hand from the seas of our world.  

Even if stones at first seem like the most natural resource on earth, we are happy to prove them wrong.



Dikey are halved pebbles, the flat side of which is attached directly to a net, so that the rounded side looks up. 

This type of stones are resistant and can withstand even the weight of parked cars on them.


Flats are pebbles that have been cut up and are always attached to the net with the flat side facing up. They are much thinner than dikey stones and should be exposed to less weight accordingly.

Ocean Tile11_edited.png

Ocean stones

Ocean stones are the unprocessed natural product i.e. whole pebbles, directly from the sea. They are usually placed flat on the net and are very resistant due to their undamaged shape.

Free pebbles

In the original called Serbest, they are loose pebbles of various sizes and shapes, which can be purchased directly in KG.

Serbest Çakıltaşları.jfif
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